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MoMPt is an opensource project that offers a set of tools to access and control MediaPortal TV Server remotely from Linux. It allows users to watch live TV on Nokia N800, for instance.

Three main tools are offered:

  • The MoMPtPlugin, which is a plugin that should be installed in the MediaPortal TV Server. This plugin offers access for MediaPortal functionalities through web services;
  • The LibMompt, which is a Glib/GObject based library that access MediaPortal TV Servers (that have MoMPt Plugin installed).
  • The MaMPt, which is a maemo application.

Current Features

MoMPt 0.2 offers:

  • Control of live TV stream
  • Control of record schedules
  • Access of recordings lists
  • Access of EPG list
  • Transcode of real time streams using VLC

Next Tools:

  • UPnP access